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At VIP WRAPS we are dedicated to providing  you with the best installation methods.

With  proper preparation we guarantee a professional install ever time.

At VIP WRAPS we have installers who have a broad range of experience and are certified by the two most demanded vinyl brands in the wrap world, Avery and 3M.


At beast wraps we are dedicated to providing professional vehicle graphic installation and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the results of our work. We pride ourselves in providing the best materials at the best prices around the bay area.


Our technique is one of the most efficient ways to do a vinyl wrap. At VIP WRAPS we have strict installation guidelines that will ensure all of our work is performed meticulously, and that the results are very pleasing to our customers.


Listed below is a guideline of the process we use for every job, large or small:


Appropriate preparation: We ensure that all preparations take place before we start our work. A well done preparation will ensure a flawless installation and provide us with a nice and clean area to wrap.


Placement of panels on the vehicle: Placing the panel on the vehicle before we start wrapping it will ensure the correct placement for your logos and text on your vehicle.


 Cut and corners: Corners featuring our wrinkled edges and straight cuts will make your wrap look professional and will prevent any problems from occurring.


Wrap the bottom as well you wrap the top: Providing a nice and clean finish on the entire bottom portion of your vehicle preventing any areas on your wrap from lifting.


Full vehicle visual inspection: Before we are done with the installation we give the last walk around the vehicle to make sure everything has been done correctly and without flaws.


Stick to the rules: Following the rules ensures our wraps will be done professionally every time, and it prevents any issues from arising during installation. Most importantly it provides us with happy and satisfied customers.




Recommend the option that is best for your wrap needs.


As authorized 3M dealer we've met stringent standards for technical ability, financial stability, customer service and satisfaction. Unlike other companies who will sell to any one. 3M is very fastidious about who installs their film. Among the traits 3M takes into consideration are longevity in the film industry, degree of professionalism, and credit rating. This does not mean that other companies are unprofessional, nor is it a guaranty that you won't have problems with a 3M dealer. It does however, take the worry out when you know an authorized 3M has been trained and certified by 3M, and meets 3M's stringent standards for professionalism and technical expertise.

Full Wrap

3/4 Wrap

1/2 VWrap

1/8 Wrap




Whether you need a design or have existing designs, we can work together seamlessly to get the job done right.

vip wraps.pro Servicing the bay area since 1999.


Not all Wraps are Created Equal.


Here’s the deal: there are a lot of crappy wraps out there. We feel like it’s our job to help educate our community about wraps, and that in doing so people will stop accepting badly designed, poorly installed and cheap quality wraps as “industry standard” and start demanding quality vehicle wraps.


So, whether you’re on the market for a wrap, already have one or just want to add “wrap connoisseur” to your resume, we’re honored to have the opportunity to teach you more about our industry.


From custom racing stripes to commercial fleet lettering, vinyl vehicle graphics have long been a mainstay of the digital graphics industry. As more aspiring young sign makers get into the market, the challenges of vehicle graphics generate lots of questions.


Questions about the best choice of vinyl, surface preparation, and application methods can be more than a little confusing.


Do you have to use cast vinyl?


Do you have to use calendar vinyl?


What kind of cleaning is required?


What are the best markets to pursue?




Thank you for choosing VIPWRAPS.PRO, the bay area's number one Vinyl wrap company. To request an estimate or discuss your project with our Vinyl Wrap Certified professional, call or email us

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