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At VIP WRAPS in order to make your Vinyl wrap look complete, we wrap your windows with perforated vinyl wrap.


Your windows won't be damaged with the vinyl wrap material, and will perfectly match the lines of your design. You will be able to use your windows normally, and the vinyl wrap won't get damaged or impede your vision while driving.


If Your Design Covers The Vehicle's Windows, The Wrap Shop Will Print The Design On Vinyl Perforated, Which Allow You To See Through The Covered Windows While Driving.


You'll Have To Decide If You Want The Vinyl Perforated Laminated Or Not.


Laminate Protects The Material From Blemishes, Harsh Weather, And Chemical Damage, But The Added Thickness Can Make Visibility Hazy.


None  laminated Vinyl Window Perforated  Provide A Clearer View Most Of The Time, But Can Greatly Obstruct Your Visibility During Inclement Weather.


If You Live In Areas With Frequent Snow Or Ice, It's Best To Avoid  Vinyl Perforated  on Your Window Altogether.


Using An Ice Scraper To Remove Ice From A Window Could Scratch, Stretch, And Even Possibly Tear Vinyl Perforated.



As authorized 3M dealer we've met stringent standards for technical ability, financial stability, customer service and satisfaction. Unlike other companies who will sell to any one. 3M is very fastidious about who installs their film. Among the traits 3M takes into consideration are longevity in the film industry, degree of professionalism, and credit rating. This does not mean that other companies are unprofessional, nor is it a guaranty that you won't have problems with a 3M dealer. It does however, take the worry out when you know an authorized 3M has been trained and certified by 3M, and meets 3M's stringent standards for professionalism and technical expertise.

Full Wrap

3/4 Wrap

1/2 VWrap

1/8 Wrap




We have a lot of people come in with VINYL WRAP problems to get a price on how much to remove film they just had installed months ago by someone who did it for them "cheap" only to find their "cheap" deal turned into not so cheap by added removal costs. Then they comment that they went back to have repairs done and only received lip service or the place turned into a Chinese food restaurant, Laundry, or other...


So what we're trying to convey by this notation is not to discredit the VINYL WRAP industry (because it's a pretty good industry) but to make you weary of ridiculously low priced jobs or buy this and get this free gimmicks. It's a shame but true that these deals are not designed with your interests in mind and are usually last resort measures for their interests only.


VINYL WRAP of any kind should not be viewed just as a commodity because there is more to it than that. Good VINYL WRAP jobs can not be done for next to nothing. GOOD JOBS TAKE TIME, KNOWLEDGE, SKILL,  AND HIGH QUALITY FILM TO ACHIEVE A HIGH LEVEL OF PERFECTION. These ingredients do cost a little, but are well worth the investment on your expensive  BUSINESSES, CARS.




Thank you for choosing VIPWRAPS.PRO, the bay area's number one Vinyl wrap company. To request an estimate or discuss your project with our Vinyl Wrap Certified professional, call or email us

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